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About Us

Junk Pronto is a community-focused junk removal business that serves the SF Bay Area, particularly the East Bay, Contra Costa, and Alameda areas. We pride ourself on investing in the community and beautifying it by removing unwanted junk, making people feel good about where they live.

With a lot of experience in the area gained as a byproduct of construction work, Junk Pronto knows the ins and outs of the region and understands the importance of keeping it clean and beautiful. Our responsiveness, quick and efficient services, and integrity-driven business approach are some of the benefits of working with us.

Rusty Old Truck

Junk Pronto also believes in leaving an impact on the community and has a pro-social focus. We often engage in community clean-up services to help enhance the beauty of our area and make it a more livable place. By using our services, you only enjoy a clutter-free space but also contribute to the betterment of your community.


Junk Pronto is a reliable, community-oriented junk removal business that prioritizes the needs of its clients while making a positive impact on the community. We get the job done pronto!

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